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Angler's Choice Kit Chrome Series Copper Package
Angler's Choice KitChrome PackageCopper Package

Based on angler's success this complete package will bring fun and excitement to your day.

Includes: 2 ounces of Nectar corn from N.W. Rod Bender Bait Co.



Checkout these vibrant colors in our new Chrome Package. This package includes four of the 5.5" Tail Feather Trolling Blades; Aurora, Mountain Dew, Orange Crush & Pink Ice and four of the KokaBugs; P51, Phantom, Sabre & Spit Fire.

Save $$$ when you buy the Copper Package. Get all six of the copper dodgers for the price of five. Package includes six of the 5.5" Tail Feather Trolling Blades; Godfather, Green Envy, Inferno, Joker, Moonshine & Pink Lady.








High Octane Package Kokabow's "Fish On" Starter Kit Lake Roosevelt State Record Kokanee Kit
High Octane PackageKokabow's "Fish On" Starter KitLake Roosevelt State Record Kokanee Kit

Set of all 10 High Octane 5.5" Tail Feather Blades. 



Kokabow's "Fish On" Starter Kit is a perfect assortment of high quality tackle that's proven to drive Kokanee crazy! Includes: 2 ounces of Shrimp / Krill corn from N.W. Rod Bender Bait Co.

Will this be the year of the record size Kokanee from Lake Roosevelt, Washington? Kokabow's "state record" Kokanee kit will surely help provide that record.

Trolling speeds from 1.2 - 1.8 mph

Leader lengths from 10" - 16"









1 - 6 of 6 items